lieselGOs – Arrivals

Please allow me 2-4 weeks to sort, pack, weigh, and calculate shipping totals. The estimated completion date is Mid-November. (Big orders and orders with missing items may require additional time)

I’ve included a FAQ below, so please check whether your question has been answered before contacting me. Questions that have already been answered will be ignored.


Is my order part of this batch?

IF your order has arrived, then I’ll contact you for the 2nd payment by the date mentioned above. Please note that some orders were shipped at different times, so not everyone’s orders may have arrived in this batch. Please DO NOT ask me if your order has arrived. I’ll make another announcement once Shipping Hell is over.

Can I combine my orders?

Generally, I automatically combine orders that arrive together, so no action is required from your part. Please note that in some cases, exceptions may occur due to size/weight restrictions, etc. and your order may need to be split and shipped in multiple packages.

I need to update my contact information.

As long as you provided an email address in your order form, then I’ll be able to contact you. You only have to let me know if you’ve changed your Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram handle if you placed an order before December 15, 2021 AND didn’t provide an email address in your order form. Please note that if I can’t find you or reach you, you’ll be marked as MIA and your goods will eventually go up for reclaim with no refund.

I need to update my shipping address information.

You’ll be given the opportunity to update your shipping information when I contact you for the 2nd payment, so please wait until then.

Will you contact me when the 2nd payment due?

Yes, I’ll contact you via the preferred contact method you provided in the form.


Below you can find the orders that are part of the current batch of arrivals. Please note that due do size and weight restrictions, some orders may need to be shipped in several batches, so not everyone’s orders may arrive in this batch.

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