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Hello, I’m Liesel~ I host group orders for josei-muke merch! (Mr Love Queen’s Choice, Tears of Themis, Nu: Carnival, Blackstar Theater Starless, and many others) I also accept individual orders for Taobao/Tmall and Japanese online stores. Any series and content is 🆗 with me, including R18 products like games, drama CDs, doujinshi, etc.! USA & International orders 🆗, I’m based in Texas, USA✨

  • 6+ years importing merch and drama CDs from Japan, China, and Korea
  • 5+ year managing group orders, splits, and providing proxy shopping services
  • 6+ years managing this josei-muke blog

lieselGOs is available mostly Monday-Friday afternoons and some weekends! I can still accept orders, make purchases, and attend to urgent matters outside those hours, however, please note that availability will vary!


I purchase your items on your behalf via proxy and then ship them to you. The items are shipped to my respective JPN/CHN proxy addresses first, then shipped to me in the US, and lastly, I ship them to you.

Please note that I’m NOT a shop! I DO NOT make or have any of the goods at hand. Please take note of release dates and estimated shipping dates before placing an order. Most orders contain pre-order goods which are scheduled to be released at a later date, so orders may take some time. Please do not order if you can’t wait.


I only require 2 payments!

1st Payment: Item Total + JPN/CHN Domestic Shipping + Fees

Proxy FeeTotal
Service Fee6-12%
Per Item Fee$1-2 USD
  • The Per Item Fee is only charged once when there are multiple units of the same item in a single order.
  • For Individual Orders, there’s a Minimum Service Fee of $9 USD, meaning that if the above fees equal to less than $9 USD, then the Minimum Service Fee will be used instead.
  • Please note that the currency exchange rates are in constant fluctuation, so the exchange rate may change between the time I open an order and the time of purchase.
  • To avoid losing money due to exchange rate loss or in the case of any hidden costs, I may use a slightly higher exchange rate. Adjustments will be made as necessary and any leftover amount will go towards your 2nd payment!
  • If you do not like the way I do things, you do not have to join my orders!

2nd Payment = International Shipping (split between joiners) + Shipping to You

  • International Shipping is what it costs to have the goods shipped from their country of origin to me. This amount is split fairly between all joiners! The cost varies by weight & package size. I use DHL, but may also use Fedex or EMS!
  • Shipping to You is what it costs for me to ship your order to you. The price varies by weight, package size, and your location. Shipping within the US begins at $5 USD, while shipping to all other countries begins at $14 USD

Please note that I’m unable to provide a quote for shipping until I receive your order because I need to have the physical item(s) to tell you how much shipping will cost


In placing an order with me, you acknowledge and agree that you have read and will comply with the terms & conditions listed below:

  1. There are strictly no order cancellations. I only act as the purchasing agent, I cannot modify or cancel your order with the seller once it has been placed. Submit an order form only if you are 100% committed to buying! Submitting an order form without intent of buying on multiple occasions will result in being blacklisted.
  2. In placing an order with me, you are agreeing to me making purchases on your behalf on a non-refundable basis. You will only be refunded for any item in your order that I’m unable to purchase.
  3. I will not be held liable if the seller fails to fulfill the order, ships the wrong product, or for any productions errors. I will always try my best to get your money back, however, please note that if a seller does not refund me, then I cannot refund you!
  4. Make sure that you provide the correct information in the order form. I will not be held liable for any errors that may arise due to you providing incorrect information.
  5. It’s your responsibility to stay up-to-date about your own orders. Please refer to the Masterlist for announcements, order status, updates, and other important information and links. Please note that I update everyone as a whole through the masterlist, I do not send individual order notifications.
  6. I’ll contact your for each payment. It’s your responsibility to keep track of deadlines and send payment(s) on time. Missing the 1st Payment will result in your order being cancelled. Missing the 2nd Payment will result in a late fee of $1.00 USD storage fee per day and after 30 days of charged storage, your goods will go up for reclaim with no refund. Missing payment deadlines on multiple occasions will result on being blacklisted.
  7. I will not be held liable for any lost packages, damages, or delays that may occur during shipping. Please note that release dates and ETA are only an estimate and are subject to change.
  8. Buyers outside the USA are responsible for any import fees imposed by their country. Please make sure that the goods can be shipped to your country before ordering.
  9. By participating in my orders, you are agreeing that you are at least 18 years of age, the legal age of majority in your country, or if you are below the age of 18, that you have a parent or guardian’s consent.
  10. Violation of rules and/or policies will result in being BLACKLISTED and you will NOT be allowed to participate in the future. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time. I also reserve the right to modify any of the terms & conditions without notice at any time.

※Please take an unboxing video when you open your package❗ This is for the purpose of validating missing items. No unboxing video, no refund.

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