About @lieselGOs

Hello, I’m Liesel & I’m a USA/Worldwide Group Order Manager based in TX, USA 🐰♡

I mostly host group orders & splits for josei muke merchandise (R18 Otome, Otome, Boys Love, etc.) from Japan & China, but any series & content is OK with me! I also accept personal orders & requests ☺

🌺 5+ years – importing drama cds & goods from Japan, China, & Korea
🌺 3+ year – managing group orders/splits & offering proxy services
🌺 4+ years – blogging about ikemen, ikebo & josei-muke content

I, the Group Order Manager (GOM), purchase everyone’s merchandise through a proxy agent. The merch is 1st shipped to my CHN/JPN address, then forwarded to me (USA), and lastly, shipped from me to you.

Please note that I am NOT a shop! I do not make or have any of the goods at hand. Most orders are pre-orders and are expected to be shipped at a later date, so please be patient. If you don’t feel comfortable with waiting, then I don’t recommend joining my group orders.

Splits work in a similar way as GOs, but they are usually completed within a month.

I will try to work as efficiently as possible once the merch arrives, so that everyone can receive their orders as soon as possible. Keep in mind that I’m just one person managing these orders, and I have my own system that works best for me. I ask that you please respect me and my policies/rules and I would also appreciate if you can also keep in mind that I have a private life to attend to and that I provide these services on my own free time. I consider myself to be really chill and understanding, but that doesn’t mean I will tolerate those that want to take advantage of my kindness. Please join only if you’re 100% committed. If you don’t like the way I do things, please don’t join my orders. Thank you for your understanding and patience! 🥺💖

Questions? Please check the FAQ page first before reaching out to me. Chances are that your question has already been answered there.