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You can find all ongoing orders, splits, & personal orders in this page. To view more information about an order, such as order status, updates, etc., simply click on the order title.

๐Ÿ”” Please note that I DO NOT send order updates. All the information is available here for everyone, so please refrain from asking questions such as “Do you know when xxx will ship?”, “Has xxx arrived?”, as they will be ignored.

โ€ปThis page is updated every Friday. Please note that ETA is subject to change.

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R18 Drama CD

R18 Drama CD Split No.41 โ€“ May 2022

  • ๐Ÿ“ Registration Form
  • ๐Ÿ—“๏ธ Closes: May 13
  • โฐ๏ธ ETA: Jun 2022

Blackstar Theater Starless


Counterattack Through Pregnancy

Everything for Demon King Evelogia

Fire in His Fingertips

For All Time

Light and Night

Mr. Love Queen’s Choice

Tears of Themis

Titan’s Bride


Feat. Ikemen, Ikebo, and Josei-muke Media

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