Nu: Carnival Guild – Vixens ♡

Guild Name: Vixens ♡

Guild ID: 86569106

Friend ID: 957470962

Invitation Code: 

✧ About Guild (Level: 10)

A guild for all the little vixens! If you love the tops and are a big titty enthusiast, then this guild is for you! Everyone is welcome to join. Let’s work together to get the best rewards (Kuya’s punishment) ♡

✧ Recruitment

– Recruiting? YES, so feel free to join!!! You can also DM in any of my social media accounts if you really want to be part of the guild~

✧ Rules (subject to change)

– Be an active member

– Contribute a minimum of 21 devotion points weekly

About Your Guild Master

I’m the biggest slut for big titties and big dicks!!! I’m a Kuya/Yakumo main whose faves are Kuya, Yakumo, Blade, and Quincy. I love everyone though ♡ I believe in switch Eiden supremacy, but I do have a preference for bottom Eiden and the tops. I have too many NuC ships to count. Basically, all ships are my ships. My fave is KuEiYa 😘

Feel free to join the guild and/or add me as a friend!

✧ Announcements

Ikemen, Ikebo, and Josei-muke Media Hell ♡

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