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Looking for Drama CD Recommendations!


This pretty much sums up what the rest of my 2017 Pre-orders will be.

I will no longer order from AmiAmi or CD Japan starting May 2017,

and order from Animate International instead.

I’ve fallen into the Drama CD hell and I want to go even deeper lol 

I am looking for Drama CD Recommendations!!!


**A series that’s: about to be released, recently released or that is not too far ahead that I won’t be to catch up**

R18/NSFW is a PLUS, but not a must~ 😏

Preferable Content:
Supernatural (Vampires/Demons etc… Count me in!!!)

Anything in general that is not just slice of life/normal everyday situations. 

**I am perfectly okay with any triggering content (Sadistic etc.



If you know of any that don’t fit the categories mentioned, please recommend them anyways! Even if you don’t know of any, you’re already helping by just reblogging this post~ 

Aizoku Blood Birth Game: Character Translations


I recently discovered 愛属ブラッドバース (Aizoku Blood Birth) and I’m so excited about it getting a Drama CD series beginning next month. I wanted to know more about the story, so I downloaded the mobile game. Anyways, I saw this image in the game, and I couldn’t find any translation for it, so I decided to do it myself. I literally coudn’t find anything related to Aizoku Blood Birth in English.

Title: せ愛属ブラッドバース ~ヴァンパイアの花嫁・赤/白~
(Aizoku Blood Birth ~Vampire no Hanayome ・Aka / Shiro~)


Haruto Ichijou -Black Prince x Twin Idol (Older Brother)-
“As my bait, I’ll spoil you as much as I can.”

Yasusada Konoe -Cool x Criminal Investigator-
“I could care less, so leave me alone.”

Junichirou Kuze -Carnivore in Disguise x Popular Novelist-
“It’s okay since I can make you feel good, right?”

Fumiya Kyougoku -Mature x Elite Doctor-
“From now on, you are my pet.”

Riku Takatsuji Tsundere x College Student/Company President-
“Are you stupid? You’re really annoying.”

Kitaooji Akito -Sexy Prince x Twin Idol (Younger Brother)-
“Will you absolutely obey my orders?”

Liesel’s Sinful Corner: 

Haruto’s and Junichirou’s dialogue were the hardest to translate! I had a hard time trying to figure out what they were trying to say lol Also, for Junichirou, it translates to “Hidden Carnivore” but I decided to use “Hidden Predator” (I couldn’t find another word for ‘hidden’ that fit, I’ll most likely edit it but for now I’ll leave it like that ^^;)

  • So far, my favorite is the younger twin brother, Akito~ He is so sexy, especially in his Drama CD cover!
  • At 1st I thought Riku was in High School! He looks really young tbh lol but apparently he is in college?! I still need to verify that lol

Disclaimer: I’m still a beginner in Japanese so my translations may not be 100%.

So the Drama CDs for 愛属ブラッドバース (Aizoku Blood Birth) start releasing next month and I wanted to know a bit more about it, so I downloaded the game.

Yup. I’m still a beginner in Japanese, so I’m understanding just bits of it lol not to mention that I almost didn’t recognize my own MC’s last name that I put in Kanji (相沢) 😌 It took me a few seconds to realize they were talking about my household~ so glad I knew what ‘家’ was or I would still be trying to figure out what was being said. 😂