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[Event] B-Project Anime 3rd Season, Nintendo Switch Game & More!

There were 3 announcements made during B-PROJECT THRIVE LIVE 2020…

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Please protect Kouta. Thank you.

I seriously want to give this boy a hug! Seeing others sparkle, feeling left out, feeling like you’re not needed even though it’s not necessarily true, wanting to sparkle, but having no idea what it is that you want to do in the first place is not a good feeling at all. 

If you think I cried in this episode: Damn right I did! T_T

I found out that Dynamic Chord is getting an anime last night!! I found out about Dynamic Chord a few months ago, downloaded their songs (Judgement is my fave) and bought [reve parfait] and Liar-S last month. I’m so excited! I wonder what is going to be included in the anime; based on the games etc. I just know that I really want to see Reon aka King ❤