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HypnosisMic: [4th] -Nico Live Rap Battle-



Date: 2017.12.08 (6:00 AM CST)
Guests: Ichiro, Jiro & Hifumi
*2nd Lyrics Match Theme: Winter

**Please note: In order to watch the HypnosisMic -Nico Live Rap Battles- you will have to pay. The price is approx. $4-$6 depending on what kind of membership/subscription you want to get. You can also watch around 30-50(?) mins for free, or at least, I was able to last time. I’ve never actually used NicoVideo before, so I don’t really know how it works, & might not be able to help you atm**

*Lyrics Match = The audience submits original lyrics to be used as weapons by the guests in a Rap Battle: Ichiro vs Jiro vs Hifumi

Let me help a bit, even though I’m also new to Nico Live.

The third program from two weeks ago was submitted as premium, explaining why only the first hour was available to be watched for free users (counting me, too, lol), and the quality of the video.

For comparison, 1st episode (October 29th)’s video quality (which is available as free):


3rd episode (November 24th)’s video quality (which is available as premium):


If you go to the HypMic’s NicoChannel, you will see that there are two types of programs: the free ones and the premium ones. The 1st, the 2nd, and the 4th are divided in two: You will see a “(前半)“ in the titles of the ones above. However, the third doesn’t have this on the title.

If you are a free user, you may still watch the first half of the program until they automatically pass you to the second half (which is premium), although, they only let you watch that one less than 15 minutes before changing to full premium audience.

Of course, paying for premium is better because all the programs are in a better video quality than those that are for the free users, which is still the best option. I am also considering buying a premium  account, but I don’t think it’s going to be soon because my wallet is tight atm.

I hope this helped to understand how it works (at least in Hypnosis Mic – Niconama’s case) a bit more. 🙂

Also, as a bit of a side note for the interested: Nicovideo accepts international payments through PayPal (and since I’m part of the international audience I could pay for it… it’s just that I cannot at the moment OTL), so it shouldn’t be that difficult to get a premium account anymore.

@kaoarika Thanks! 🙌