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«Translation» Mei Tarantino: Birthday 2018

🔒 Rei Shindo

Rei: Here

Rei: *sends photo*

Mei: What’s this?

Rei: The other day I was out on a walk,
Mei & Rachmaninoff seemed to be having fun

Mei: That’s a peeping photo

Rei: I think it’s a good photo

Mei: Yes, well

Mei: Rachmaninoff is always cute

Rei: Smiling Mei is also nice

Mei: Shut up you busybody

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🔒 Kira Brothers♡ (3)

Minami: Me~chan! Hurry up and send the picture~~~!

Mei: The picture?

Minami: The one from the Foam Party!

Mei: I’m busy right now.

Minami: eh!?! Just send the picture!

Minami: Hurry up

Minami: Hurry up

Minami: Hurry up

Minami: Hurry up 

Shizuka: The notifications are getting annoying because of Minami

Mei: *sends picture*

Mei: Shut up, I sent it.

Minami: Me~~~~cha~~~~n!

Minami: Th

Minami: ank

Minami: yo

Mei: Shut up.

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Liesl’s Corner: 

The “you” from Minami’s “Thank you” is not misspelled. Mei didn’t let Minami finish btw lol I can look at that picture for hours tbh! Everyone looks so cute. I really like Shizu’s hairstyle haha

Several Shades of Sadism: Mei Tarantino Walkthrough


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SSS Walkthroughs | Walkthrough Masterpost

Special thanks to: @minamisconcierge

Read before you start:

  • All answers give you affection for Mei: either +1;+3; or +5 .If you click on “Change Screens” it will tell you the total affection you have on the top left corner. 

  • You will need a total of 100 Affection Points to get the Happy End.
  • There will be 3 Avatar Missions in the route. You can either use the Gold you earn in the game to buy the item for the Normal Route, or you can use Rewards Points to purchase the item for the Sweet Route. The Sweet Route includes CGs. Yes, you will need to spend real money and purchase Rewards Points. (Like most games, you can earn in-game money, in this case, Rewards Points by using Tapjoy to install apps. Honestly, I think it’s a hassle and stay away from those, but that’s just me.)
  • Total Rewards Points needed for Sweet Routes (CGs): 14,000
    Total Gold needed for Normal Routes (No CGs): 14,000

**Please DO NOT copy and paste anywhere else.**

-Chapter 1-

“I’d like to do it.” (+5)
“I’m not sure how good I’ll be, but…” (+3)
“You can count on me!” (+1)

**Note** how even did I get a +1, I’m done! lmfao

“Nice catch.”
“I’m so sorry.” (+5)
“Thank you.”

-Chapter 2-

“What do you mean?” (+5)
“That’s not true.”
“Would you let me listen to more?” (+1)

**Note** Wow, another +1 xD I’m sure the 1st choice is +5, I should have gone with my instinct lol 

“Isn’t that unhealthy?” (+1)
“There’s  a policy I can get behind.” (+3)
“Would you like some tea?” (+5)

-Chapter 3-

**Sweet Mission**
Required: 250

“Sorry, sir.” (+5)
“I was not!”

“This just doesn’t feel right.”
“Are you sure about this?”
“I’ll go” (+5)

 **Avatar Mission**
Sweet Route: Mei SA1  

Red Beaded Strap Pumps

(300 Rewards Points)
Normal Route: Mei NA1

Black Ribbon Pumps

 (150 Reward Points/3000 Gold)

**Optional Scenario**
Mei Tarantino SP1 His Perspective (500 Rewards Points)

-Chapter 4-

“Come here, please.” (+1)
“Don’t bother him.” (+5)
“If you have to lick someone’s shoes, lick mine.” (+3)

“I can learn.” (+5)
“I don’t know any.”
“Enough for basic conversation.” (+3)

-Chapter 5-

**Sweet Mission**
Required: 1500


“Would you like something stronger?”
“Would you have preferred black tea?”
“You want sugar, right?” (+5) 

“May I?”
“I would love to!“ (+5 )

-Chapter 6-

**Sweet Mission**
Required: 2000 pt


“Listen to me anyway!” (+3)

“Look at me.” (+5)
“Why are you lying?” (+1)


“What do you think, Mr Mei?” (+1)

“It went over my head.”
“It was like a perfect harmony.” (+5)

**Avatar Mission**
Sweet Route: Mei SA2  Peach Colored Eyes (500 Rewards Points)
Normal Route: Mei NA2 Pink Knit Sweater (200 Reward Points/5000 Gold)

**Optional Scenario**
Mei Tarantino SP2 His Perspective (500 Rewards Points)

-Chapter 7-


“So should you.” (+5)
“Nice Catch.”


“Do I really?”
“I AM a concierge.”
“Is it because of you, Mr. Mei?” (+5)

-Chapter 8-

**Sweet Mission**
Required: 4000 pt


“You’re the weirdo.” (+1)

“Thank you, sir.”
“Seriously?” (+5)


“Probably not.”
“Are you talking about your hands?” (+5)
 “I didn’t say a word.” (+3)

**Avatar Mission**
Sweet Route: Mei SA3 White Beach Dress (600 Rewards Points)
Normal Route: Mei NA3  Grey Flare Skirt (300 Reward Points/6000 Gold) 

-Chapter 9-


“I’ll eat what you won’t.”
"I wanted to make sure you’re better.“ (+5)

“Am I?”


"I want to know.” (+5)

“Are you sure about this?”
“If you want to share.”

-Chapter 10-

**Sweet Mission**
Required: 8000 pt

“You’re going to watch all of these?” (+5)

“You’re asking a bit too much.”
“You’re going to go blind.”


Maybe I’m a natural. (+3)

“It’s thanks to you.”
“Oh gosh, you think?”

-Chapter 11-

**Sweet Mission**
Required: 9000 pt


“Just a little.” (+5)

“This guy here is better.”

“You’re making me blush.”
“You don’t have to thank me”
“That’s so sweet of you. (+5)

Happy End

Affection Points: 100
Elegance Points: 16000

Normal End
Affection Points: ??
Elegance Points: 12000

Several Shades of Sadism: Walkthroughs


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Invitation Code: mf5ZE4

Walkthrough Masterpost

My route order is as follows:

Character Walkthroughs:

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You can see the post here: SSS Several Shades of Sadism 
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