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«Translation» Alan Mason: Birthday 2018

🔒 Tanunyan’z (3)

Minami: ta-da! That time we went to Tanunyan Park!


Alan: tanunyaan ฅ=• ω •=ฅ

Minami: nyaa ฅ=• ω •=ฅ

Alan: nya nyaan ฅ=• ω •=ฅ

Shizuka: I’m not going to say that

Alan: Shizupii what a party pooper!

Minami: Yes, Shi-chan! You were having fun that time, don’t ruin it.

Shizuka: Absolutely not

Minami: My hand might slip and I might upload on SNS

Minami: Shi-chan’s awesome photo from that time

Shizuka: Huh?

Alan: Me too Me too~! I might upload the photo from that time~

Shizuka: nyaan ฅ=• ω •=ฅ

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🔒 Kira Brothers♡ (3)

Minami: Me~chan! Hurry up and send the picture~~~!

Mei: The picture?

Minami: The one from the Foam Party!

Mei: I’m busy right now.

Minami: eh!?! Just send the picture!

Minami: Hurry up

Minami: Hurry up

Minami: Hurry up

Minami: Hurry up 

Shizuka: The notifications are getting annoying because of Minami

Mei: *sends picture*

Mei: Shut up, I sent it.

Minami: Me~~~~cha~~~~n!

Minami: Th

Minami: ank

Minami: yo

Mei: Shut up.

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Liesl’s Corner: 

The “you” from Minami’s “Thank you” is not misspelled. Mei didn’t let Minami finish btw lol I can look at that picture for hours tbh! Everyone looks so cute. I really like Shizu’s hairstyle haha

🔒 Shi-chan & Friends (3)

Minami: I found Shi-chan flirting with a beautiful onee-san at the Cafe~!

Alan: Cheating is bad~

Shizuka: Huh?

Shizuka: No matter how you look at it, there’s no one next to me


Don’t take it so seriously, you’re acting suspicious, though

Minami: Don’t take it so seriously,

you’re acting suspicious, though~

-Shizuka Kira left the chat-

Minami: Ah, he ran away~!

-Minami Kira invited Shizuka Kira to the group-

-Shizuka Kira joined the group-

Shizuka: Seriously, you’re so annoying! Stupid Minami!

Alan! Minami! Stop ganging up on Shizu and teasing him so much, you guys haha 

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Please note: Translation may not be 100% accurate.

Several Shades of Sadism: Minami Kira Walkthrough


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SSS Walkthroughs | Walkthrough Masterpost

Read before you start:

  • All answers give you affection for Minami: either +1;+3; or +5 .If you click on “Change Screens” it will tell you the total affection you have on the top left corner.
  • You will need a total of 100 Affection Points to get the Happy End.
  • There will be 3 Avatar Missions in the route. You can either use the Gold you earn in the game to buy the item for the Normal Route, or you can use Rewards Points to purchase the item for the Sweet Route. The Sweet Route includes CGs. Yes, you will need to spend real money and purchase Rewards Points. (Like most games, you can earn in-game money, in this case, Rewards Points by using Tapjoy to install apps. Honestly, I think it’s a hassle and stay away from those, but that’s just me.)
  • Total Rewards Points needed for Sweet Routes (CGs): 14,000 Total Gold needed for Normal Routes (No CGs): 14,000

**Please DO NOT copy and paste anywhere else.**

-Chapter 1-

“Protected me?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” (+5)
“What are you taking about?“

Tell him to stop. (+5)
Be exasperated. (+1)
Shake him off. (+3)

-Chapter 2-

“What are you doing? (+3)
“Excuse you?!” (+1)
Don’t say anything. (+5)

“No thanks.” (+5)
“Stop….” (+1)
"Oh, yes please!” (+3)

-Chapter 3-

**Sweet Mission**
Required: 1000?

I’m mad. (+5)
Leave me alone.
Ignore him

How’d I get here?
What’s going on? (+5)
What happened?

**Avatar Mission**
Sweet Route: Minami SA1 Green Beaded Strap Plumps (300 Rewards Points)
Normal Route: Minami NA1 Green Ribbon Plumps (150 Reward Points/3000 Gold)

**Optional Scenario**
Minami Kira SP1 His Perspective (500 Rewards Points)

-Chapter 4-


That’s not what I meant.
I know that. (+5)

Yes. (+5)
I wanna go there someday.

-Chapter 5-

Stroke his hair. (+5)
Pat his shoulder.
Cradle his hair.

You just really not want to go. (+5)
Why don’t you just go?
Let go of me.

-Chapter 6-

**Sweet Mission**
Required: 2000 pt

I’m not your toy.
Not again.
Whatever. (+5)

Because I want to be with you. (+5)
Because you look sad.
Because I’m your concierge.

**Avatar Mission**
Sweet Route: Minami SA2 Green Accented Eyes  (500 Rewards Points)
Normal Route: Minami NA2 Striped Shirt (200 Reward Points/5000 Gold)

**Optional Scenario**
Minami Kira SP2 His Perspective (500 Rewards Points)

-Chapter 7-

You must really like mascots.
You’re a workaholic. (+5)
That’s kind of cute. (+3)

Thanks? (+5)
You’re such a liar.

-Chapter 8-

**Sweet Mission**
Required: 4000 pt

Why do you say that?
Nothing happened.
Well… (+5)

That’s not true! (+5)
Bite your lip.

**Avatar Mission**
Sweet Route: Minami SA3 Bubble Dress (600 Rewards Points)
Normal Route: Minami NA3 Camo Flare Skirt (300 Reward Points/6000 Gold)

**Note: I cried in the Sweet Route. Minami, how could you! T_T

**Optional Scenario**
Minami Kira SP3 His Perspective (500 Rewards Points)

-Chapter 9-

You’re such an idiot.
I don’t forgive you.
I’m glad you’re safe. (+5)

I’m happy because it’s you. (+3)
Is it that weird? (+5)
Now I know you better.

-Chapter 10-

**Sweet Mission**
Required: 8000 pt

It does.
What are you going to do to me? (+5)
Please stop.

That’s your fault.
That’s right.
You knew that already. (+5)

-Chapter 11-

**Sweet Mission**
Required: 9000 pt

Run if you want to get away!
You’re so sweet, Mr. Minami. (+5)
I won’t shut up!

I hope that’s true. (+5)
I don’t believe it.


Happy End
Affection Points: ≥ 100
Elegance Points: 16000

Normal End
Affection Points: <100
Elegance Points:  12000