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Mystery at the Movie Club*

JP Release Date: 2018.01.25 | EN Release Date: 2018.02.21
Genre: Romance Novel Game for Women
JP Rating: Pending | EN Rating: Pending
Platform: Mobile (Android | iOS)
Language(s): JP | EN

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“Please… Someone help me…!”

You’ve just entered university and joined the school’s movie club.
To prepare the movie to show at the culture festival, you leave for summer camp together with your new friends.

Your first summer camp, your first movie shooting.
Your first Summer spent with “him”.
It seems like the camping grounds
have a chilling story behind them…

Your exciting, terrifying Summer starts now.

*English name will be “Mystery at the Movie Club” & not “Love of the Dead” like in the JP version

Dead or Love


Dead or Love 狂愛の無人島 
JP Release Date: Released | EN Release Date: Released (2017.12.24)

Rating: M (Ages 17+) | EN

Rating: Teen  
Platform: Mobile (Android | iOS)
Language(s): JP | EN

**Please note: Unless specified, Japanese is the only available language**

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I know my Japanese & Chinese are beginner level, but the text in the video looks like it’s Chinese to me, but the song is in Japanese, though, right?! For some reason, that’s the only video I could find of the opening…👀