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DYNAMIC CHORD vocalCD series 2nd [rêve parfait] – Info

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~Otome Games/Series that are getting an anime adaptation~


Dynamic Chord 
Date: 2017

I’ve heard their songs and I’m in love with them. My favorite song has to be Judgement. The songs even have PVs, so I recommend that you check them out. I own the games [reve parfait], Liar-S and I’m waiting for KYOHSO to be released in March. ( I’ve yet to find the free time to play them, though. T_T) Nonetheless, I’m excited to see what the anime will offer.


Kenka Bancho Otome  
Date: April 2017

It is based on a ps vita otome game by the same name. (I plan to purchase it.) I recently found out about this one, so I really can’t say much about it. It did, however, catch my attention, so I will be checking it out. 


Sanrio Danshi
Date: Winter 2018

This one is from an otome game from Cybird that sadly isn’t available to download in my country T_T.  I also recently found out about this one because a friend posted about it on Facebook, so I really can’t say much about it. I googled about it and came across some really adorable images. I will definitely be checking this one out. 

I found out that Dynamic Chord is getting an anime last night!! I found out about Dynamic Chord a few months ago, downloaded their songs (Judgement is my fave) and bought [reve parfait] and Liar-S last month. I’m so excited! I wonder what is going to be included in the anime; based on the games etc. I just know that I really want to see Reon aka King ❤