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I’m not happy about Tumblr’s decision regarding adult/NSFW content↴

While my blog should be okay because most of the adult content I post is written content, it bothers me that I won’t be able to share illustrations (R18 Drama CD, R18 Manga/Anime, R18 Otome Game, etc.) freely without having to worry about whether or not they are allowed. Not to mention that a lot of the content I was here for was the smut, especially BL! 😭

Censorship is one of the things I don’t stand by and this doesn’t sit well with me.

I’m still unsure about whether I want to stay or move to a different platform. I’ve been thinking about Blogspot and WordPress for a while now, but idk how they work and how they handle R18 lol

A platform where you can post adult/NSFW content, find what you’re looking for easily, and be able to interact with other users without becoming invisible for being marked as 18+ would be nice. (I mean what’s the point of posting if you become invisible and can’t be easily found?!) If anyone has any suggestions feel free to let me know. 😉

Anyways, at the moment I don’t really have any other social media where I’m active besides this place, but if anything were to happen to this blog you can find me on Twitter as sinful_liesel (be warned that I use that account mainly for RT + nsfw art lol)

Jan. 01, 2018✨


Wishing you a very Sinful New Year (≧◡≦) ♡

Hello, my sinful followers!

I want to thank ya’ll for following my blog! I hope that we can celebrate another year together. 2017 went by so fast lol I can’t believe it’s also been 1 year since I started this sinful blog. A lot of great things happened this past year & I also met some wonderful people here, too

❤ I hope to share with ya’ll more sinful content, (otome content in general) & fangirl much, much more with everyone~

Throughout the year, this blog went through a few changes, but nonetheless, it’s original purpose has remained the same: My Sinful Otome Garden is a place where anyone can join me in fangirling without the fear of being judged & remember: I AM COMFORTABLE WITH ANY TOPIC, so let’s fangirl some more about these sinful Ikemen. Send asks, etc. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Anyways, here’s a small present for your sinful eyes hehe The man from the picture above is Sonohara Touson (CV: Manaka Sawa) from the R18 Drama CD: Bungo tachi no Kafune. Isn’t he so sexy?! As soon as I saw the art, I knew I had to show ya’ll (^་།^)

I’m planning on having a giveaway soon!!! ^_^ There’s this otome game I want ya’ll to try, but I’m still waiting for the English ver. to be released. Keep an eye out for details~

with love,
Liesl (noirliesl)

**These are my own scans+edits. Please DO NOT REPOST anywhere without permission**