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Track 1: Protect

*Super cool music begins playing in the background*

Senna: Nice to meet you, new Liaison~ I am Senna Kashiwagi, an informant.


*Super cool music keeps playing in the background*

Senna: *whispers* Rouge et Noir(?) Pure Bluff

*Super cool music keeps playing in the background*

Me: HOLY SHIT lol 


Liesl’s Sinful Corner:

I bought this one on impulse a few months ago because of 四ツ谷サイダー and because Senna is too hot for his own good! This is actually my 1st time listening to any volume of the Rouge et Noir series. I wasn’t expecting that intro lol It caught me off guard and I couldn’t help but giggle. It took me a few tries to finally guess that he was saying Rouge et Noir and tbh I’m still not completely sure if that was it hehe I’ve replayed this track so many times though because it hypes me up! I actually liked the whole intro and music lol (≧◡≦) ♡

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Ai wa, Nikushimi ni Yoku Niteiru Nikushimi wa, Ai ni Yoku Niteiru Initial Release Tokuten Drama CD Sample

Title: 愛は、憎しみによく似ている 憎しみは、愛によく似ている
Release Date: 2018.02.23
Genre: R18 Otome Game
Rating: R18
Platform: PC

Opening 💦💦💦

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