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Soma Saito, 2.5 Idols Hell & My Little Bro

Earlier today I was gaming with my little bro and I was listening to Scenario Liar by Gentaro Yumeno (CV. Soma Saito). My brother asked me, “Is that SolidS?” and I got so excited because I thought he recognized Soma Saito’s voice lol I told him, “It’s not Tsubasa from SolidS, it’s Gentaro from Fling Posse, but the characters actually share the same voice actor.”  He said, “Oh, I don’t really care, I just thought it was SolidS since you like SolidS so much.” (My brother actually helped me in the last event, apparently it was fun to roll the dice so he did hear me talk about SolidS ALOT lol)

He then proceeded to tell me that his friend’s dad is a producer and that he was going to ask him if he could bring SolidS for my birthday. He said he would get me a SolidS poster and dress up as one of the characters. I thought that was so cute!!! and even though I knew he had to be joking about the producer thing, I really did think he would buy me a poster lol but then he told me “Just kidding”. EVERYTHING WAS A LIE. and idk whether to laugh or cry because 1. He said a line similar to Gentaro’s, Soma Saito’s HypnosisMic character 2. Because I’m not getting a SolidS poster 3. SolidS isn’t showing up for my birthday haha