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I think it’s funny how my character ranking drastically changed in Thanatos Night. lol

I remember that at 1st glance, Oliver was my favorite guy when I 1st watched the PV. I didn’t even look at Nia twice tbh lol but somehow I became Nia trash after. I think it was his song. Or maybe it was his entire CD. Or maybe it was everything about him lol Seth was my least favorite because he’s not my type, but I also became Seth trash lmfao I didn’t even like the song sample when I heard it, but I fell in love with the full version. Not to mention that his CD was beautiful.

Ranking Before:
6. Seth
5. Izaya
4. Duran
3. Liam
2. Nia
1. Oliver

Ranking After:
6. Oliver
5. Liam
4. Izaya
3. Duran
2. Seth
1. Nia

Looking for Drama CD Recommendations!


This pretty much sums up what the rest of my 2017 Pre-orders will be.

I will no longer order from AmiAmi or CD Japan starting May 2017,

and order from Animate International instead.

I’ve fallen into the Drama CD hell and I want to go even deeper lol 

I am looking for Drama CD Recommendations!!!


**A series that’s: about to be released, recently released or that is not too far ahead that I won’t be to catch up**

R18/NSFW is a PLUS, but not a must~ 😏

Preferable Content:
Supernatural (Vampires/Demons etc… Count me in!!!)

Anything in general that is not just slice of life/normal everyday situations. 

**I am perfectly okay with any triggering content (Sadistic etc.



If you know of any that don’t fit the categories mentioned, please recommend them anyways! Even if you don’t know of any, you’re already helping by just reblogging this post~