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SQ Neo X Lied vol.2 Tsubasa & Ichiru

The promotional video for Arata na COLOR, the duet featuring Tsubasa Okui & Ichiru Kuga in the Neo X Lied Series has been released!

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Kachou Fuugetsu Gasha (SolidS Hen) 10x Roll ♡ 

OMG TSUBASA!!! My boy chose me once again, I’m so happy! Yes, I screamed I’m so glad I waited until the rate for his card was up. Do you know how hard that was? lmfao Tbh this is one gasha that I would have been happy with any of the members because they’re so damn beautiful, like OMG have you seen Rikka?! Maybe beautiful is not the word…if I had to choose one it would be: Erotic