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Amai Choubatsu: Watashi wa Kanshu Senyou Pet



Release Date: 2018.04.01

Based on the manga 甘い懲罰~私は看守専用ペット (Amai Choubatsu: Watashi wa Kanshu Senyou Pet) by いづみ翔 (IZUMI Show) 

Other Titles (Digital Ver.):

  • JP: 「このままじゃ…イク…」看守の執拗な身体検査  (“Kono Mama ja…Iku…” Kanshu no Shitsuyou na Shintaikensa)
  • EN: “At This Rate, I’m Gonna Come…” The Warden’s Relentless Pat-down

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Samejima’s & Igarashi’s Anime Profile Updated!!!


I decided to end my Mini-Hiatus earlier than what I had initially decided (´ ∀ ` *)

I’ve been debating what Drama CDs to buy for my March 2018 order and after a lot of debate, decided to drop Idolish7′s OP & ED (I’M SO SORRY TRIGGER T_T) to purchase Rogue et Noir: Second Barrel lol 

So what was the deciding factor? I fell in love with Rouge et Noir Vol. 5 when I listened to it last night and did a bit of research on the Rogue et Noir series. It really caught my interest plus 河村眞人 is one of my biases so yeah ^_^

Just Kidding!

I did initially decide to drop Idolish7′s OP & ED but have you seen the Diamond Fusion MV? Yup, I couldn’t let Idolish7′s ED go because it has Heavenly Visitor and Diamond Fusion lol + there’s a square button badge bonus and I want it! Trigger is my bias hehe I am a bit sad I won’t be getting the double sided B2 poster bonus offered if you bought the OP & ED together though T_T

Liesl’s Sinful Otome Garden: Early Sept 2017 Ed.

The college semester started a few days ago and it’s been hectic! T_T I’ll most likely be having a super-duper mini hiatus, like less than a week? lol hopefully until I finalize my schedule for the semester. Here’s what I have planned for the month of September as of now:

Otome Games

Currently Playing/Upcoming Release/Walkthrough in progress  


Blood in Roses -Finn’s Route- (Mid Sept) ♛ 
Destiny Ninja 2 -Mitsuru’s Route- (Aug 30) ♚♟ 
Decoding Desire -Takamasa’s Route- ♚♟
Decoding Desire -Kanade’s Route-  (Sept 15) ♛ 
Ikemen Sengoku -Ieyasu’s Route- (Sept) ♛
Kissed by the Baddest Bidder -Baba’s S1 Route- ♚
Love Complex -Makoto’s Route- ♚♟ 
Mystic Messenger -V’s Route- (Sept) ♛ 
**Moe! Ninja Girls -Season 7- ♚♟ 
Ninja Shadow -Hijikata’s Route- (Aug 31) ♚♟
Scandal in the Spotlight -Kota’s S1 Route- ♚
Sealed with a Kiss ~Bride of an Asmodian~ -Kyle’s Route- (Aug 30) ♚♟
*Secrets in Spades ~Dangerous Engagements~ -Kazuki’s Route- ♚♟
Several Shades of Sadism -Shizuka Kira- (Sept 7) ♛ 

*After completing Kazuki’s route, I will have cleared each route once. I will probably post a review/my thoughts on the game/characters

**Yes, I know Moe! Ninja Girls is not an otome~


Amnesia Memories -Kent’s Route- ♚
The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya -Takao’s Route- ♚
Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome Demo ♚♛

Drama CDs

I haven’t been able to listen to all the Drama CD’s I’ve ordered. T_T Every month, there’s 1 or 2 CDs I love a little more than the rest, so I end up putting the rest on hold. lol It was a tough decision, but after a lot of thinking, I decided to drop some series, too. T_T

Dropped: Dance with Devils -Charming Book- | Criminale! Duello (although I might order Chara x Nero)

Priorities: Aizoku Blood Birth (R18) | Dare ga Watashi wo Koroshita no ka (R18) | Gastronomie (R18) | Thanatos Night Re:vival 

My August Order:
Arcobaleno: Rui -Psychokinesis- (R18)
Kuroi Yume Dai ni Ya #34 Desk 


Dare ga Watashi wo Koroshita no ka -Seiji no Baai- 


Thanatos Night Re:Vival -Seth-
Gastronomie -Ooe Shizuya- 


My September Order (Tentative):
Aizoku Blood Birth -Konoe Yasusada- (R18)
Dare ga Watashi wo Koroshita no ka -Kiichi no Baai-  (R18)
Thanatos Night Re:Vival -Liam- 

Otome Anime

Ikemen Sengoku: Toki wo Kakeru ga Koi wa Hajimaranai