**Abracadabra Games: Lust in Terror Manor Announcement**

Hello my sinful followers! Where are my Lust in Terror Manor fans?! We finally get an update after so long about what’s happening with the game! ٩(◕‿◕。)۶


Abracadabra Games announces “Lust in Terror Manor – The Truth Unveiled” which is a new and revamped app version of “Lust in Terror Manor”. It will feature new scenarios, events and the brand new “Game Master Route” [OMG!!! Is it who I think it is?! (°ロ°) ! ] In this new version, you will be able to play the new route and replay the old ones.

Lust in Terror Manor will end its service with the release of “Lust in Terror Manor – The Truth Unveiled”. Detailed Schedule↴

  • End of Platinum Sales: 2017/12/20 3:00 AM (CST)
  • Available for download until: 2017/12/20 3:00 AM(CST)
    ※ You won’t be able to install the app after this date. However, you’ll be able to play “Lust in Terror Manor” until the end of service date.
  • End of Customer Service: 2018/1/31
  • End of Service: June 2018

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Lust in Terror Manor will no longer get any updates. Updates, such as new events and gachas will only be available in Lust in Terror Manor -The Truth Unveiled.
  • You won’t be able to transfer data and platinum from “Lust in Terror Manor” to “Lust in Terror Manor – The Truth Unveiled” There will be no refunds/reimbursements for items/platinums purchased in-game, either. 

The truth is about to be revealed…
What shadows lie behind the curtains of Terror Manor!?

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