Album – Blackstar Theater Starless “BLACKSTAR III”

Blackstar Theater Starless’ third album has been released! The album consists of 13 songs. In addition, the first-run limited edition will be available in 5 different versions which will include a set of 2 CDs: Disc 1 will consist of the same 13 songs for all versions while the Special Disc will consist of different songs for each version.


  • Kei (Singer: Ray Fujita)
  • Yoshino (Singer: Tomoki Saito / Academic BANANA)
  • Yakou (Singer: Akito Matsumoto / Shinku Horou)
  • Akira (Singer: Taro Kobayashi)
  • Rindou (Singer: Ajikko)
  • Maica (Singer: Kradness)
  • Sinju (Singer: Stungun)
  • Heath (MC: Takuya IDE)
  • Zakuro (Singer: Shakemii)


DISC 1 (included in all versions)

  1. Ginga Tetsudou wo Sagashite /  Maica (Singer: Kradness)
  2. Out in Out / Akira (Singer: Taro Kobayashi)
  3. Akatsuki no Negai / Zakuro (Singer: Shakemii)
  4. Muteki / Heath (MC: Takuya IDE)
  5. Paradise Lost / Maica (Singer:Kradness)
  6. Shizumanu Tsuki / Yakou (Singer: Akito Matsumoto / Shinku Horou) & Yoshino (Singer: Tomoki Saito / Academic BANANA)
  7. Amagasa / Sinju (Singer: Stungun) & Maica (Singer: Kradness)
  8. ONLY IF / Kei (Singer: Ray Fujita)
  9. Sub rosa / Zakuro (Singer: Shakemii)
  10. Monokaki / Heath (MC: Takuya IDE)
  11. Raise your resolve / Kei (Singer: Ray Fujita)
  12. Burning breath / Akira (Singer: Taro Kobayashi)
  13. ego / Kei (Singer: Ray Fujita), Yoshino (Singer: Tomoki Saito / Academic BANANA), Yakou (Singer: Akito Matsumoto / Shinku Horou), Akira (Singer: Taro Kobayashi), Rindou (Singer: Ajikko), Maica (Singer: Kradness), Sinju (Singer: Stungun), Heath (MC: Takuya IDE), Zakuro (Singer: Shakemii)

Team K Ver. Special Disc

  1. snowflake / Kei (Singer: Ray Fujita) 
  2. Hira Hirari / Yoshino (Singer: Tomoki Saito / Academic BANANA)
  3. Kuroi Kyojitsu / Yoshino (Singer: Tomoki Saito / Academic BANANA)

Team W Ver. Special Disc

  1. Shooooout!!! / Akira (Singer: Taro Kobayashi)
  2. Kiss or Bullet / Akira (Singer: Taro Kobayashi)

Team P Ver. Special Disc

  1. Without her? / Sinju (Singer: Stungun)
  2. Ruru taru wa Kibou / Maica (Singer: Kradness)

Team B Ver. Special Disc

  1. Enjin / Heath (MC: Takuya IDE)
  2. Kagerou / Heath (MC: Takuya IDE)

Team C Ver. Special Disc

  1. Into me / Zakuro (Singer: Shakemii)
  2. Just live to dance  / Zakuro (Singer: Shakemii)



  • Title: BLACKSTAR -Theater Starless- BLACKSTAR III
  • Original Title: ブラックスター -Theater Starless- BLACKSTAR III
  • Release Date: April 26, 2022
  • Type: Album


Everyone looks so cool!!! My favorites are K & P (header material) ♡ I wonder why the names for K & P are covered. Is it because Yakou & Ginsei’s fates are still up in the air? 👀 But if that’s the reason, then what does this mean for W who only has the names of 3 of its members??? It makes sense for K & P because there’s someone at the center, but what about W? I mean there’s enough space for Sin & Taiga’s names, so what is going on….did I miss something?

I don’t know if I’m overanalyzing, but for the time being, I’m going to break my head trying to figure out if the letters behind Yakou are Y+A or Y+O haha (Yakou K & Ginsei P pls 🙏🏻)

Anyways, I’m really looking forward to this album! Paradise Lost, Raise your resolve, Burning breath, to name a few, are some of my favorite songs! I was initially planning to buy K & P since my favorites songs are included (& maybe C just for Into me❤️) as if my dumbass was going to have a choice lol I ended up buying all of them either way since the only way to get BLACK LIVE II at the moment is to buy the set that includes all the albums. bye bye money 🥲

Speaking of BLACK LIVE II, did anyone else watch the livestream? I still can’t get over how amazing it was! It exceeded my expectations 😍

Source: Blackstar Theater Starless Official Website

One thought on “Album – Blackstar Theater Starless “BLACKSTAR III””

  1. I don’t know if it’s an unpopular opinion in the fandom, but I want P Ginsei too xD. I also love K but I want my Rin Gin in the same team lol


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