Blackstar Theater Starless “Toasty Days” Intermission Event Has Begun!


  • Title: Toasty Days
  • Event Period: Oct 01 – Oct 10 (12:59 AM CST)

Following Team W and P, the special menu project is assigned to Team K next. Everyone is to come up with a menu proposal, and Yakou starts thinking about a dish fit for Team K, but……



  • Title: UnlockU
  • Vocal: Kei (Singer: Ray Fujita)
  • Lyrics: Haruki Ikui
  • Music: Ryudai Abe


New ★4-cards featuring Kei & Sotetsu are now available in the pick-up gacha! These cards have a special effect during the event. Don’t miss the card exclusive stories!


The Recommended Cards for Kei & Sotetsu are on sale now! Each card includes a “Recommended 10-Pull Gacha Ticket” and a special title for the respective cast member! You will also earn more chips in the daily log-in compared to a regular black card.

Source: Blackstar Theater Starless Official Twitter Account

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