Liesl’s Otome Game Predictions: Who’s the Murderer in Naoto’s Route? (LiTM)

As soon as I began playing Naoto’s route I paid attention to everyone in hopes of figuring out who the murderer was & gosh, I couldn’t tell lol Also, I was being a little biased because who wants to suspect their favorite characters?! + Being influenced by knowing who the murderer is in the other routes. 

**Naoto’s Route Spoilers Below**↴

I’ve reached the point in the route where MC figures out the identity of the murder, but it hasn’t been revealed to the player, yet. Before they reveal it, I want to test myself: would I have survived this game + been one of the top investigators or just been dead weight + get murdered eventually lol I’ve narrowed it down to 3 suspects: 


  • Well, all the “facts” point at Ai. Poor guy lol but I’m sure they wouldn’t make it so obvious right? I’m sure he’s just just been set up. I still think he’s a betrayer, though! 
  • At first, I thought Ai was the one who had been sexually involved with Kaorukuo because he is the one that delivers food to people’s room if they request it. This could have made it easier for Ai to get close to Kaoruko.


  • Kazutoshi just has this aura around him where you can’t figure out whether he’s good or bad person lol Is that it? Well, I just haven’t found a reason not to suspect him. Maybe I missed it though


  • Takuma is my main suspect atm! Tbh, he almost escaped from my radar because I didn’t want to suspect such a gentle guy. As the route progressed (especially after Kaoruko’s death), however, I started noticing  red flags & putting the pieces together.   
  • He’s been really pushy. At first I thought he was just concerned for MC, but he’s always trying to approach her for “medical reasons”. He also told MC that he fell in love with her (love at first sight) & that she can rely on him which at the moment I thought nothing of. I mean, it’s not unusual for other males to fall for the MC in other routes. So why is this a reason to suspect Takuma? Although this was not related to him: There was a point where MC had a flashback in which Rui tells her that people might just tell her stuff that they want her to believe, thus hiding their ulterior motives. She also has a flashback of Takuma telling her to be careful because the murderer might try to approach her in the same way they did with Kaoruko; seduce her & then kill her. Of course, maybe this was just Takuma genuinely trying look out for MC, but isn’t Takuma trying to get close to MC by making it seem like he’s reliable as a man aka seducing her?
  • Kaoruko: I think that they could have tried to throw us off with Kaoroku since you know, she’s bi~ & she did had a sexual encounter with someone, but the only girl other than MC is Yu & Yu is hopeless in love with Hayato…+ after Kaoruko died, Takuma coincidentally checked her  for possible sexual activity. His excuse for not checking the other victims until now? They were male & she was a woman. So?! What if the murder was you know, interested in men?… then it clicked: It’s Takuma isn’t it? Is his gentleness what made Kaoruko rely on him after she lost Kaneda, to the point where they had sex? 
  • Now this is the reason that sealed the deal with me: Naoto is always wary of him when he tries to approach MC. At first I thought it was because he didn’t want him to steal MC away, but if I think about it now…Naoto should know who the murderer is since by now I think it’s been 95% confirmed that Naoto is the GM. 

So what about the other characters? Well, 1. either they have already been killed or 2. I’ve found a reason to not suspect them:

  • Rui: He was drugged & was asleep when a murder happened. + He’s always with someone. + I don’t want to suspect my main husband lol
  • Hayato: He’s always with Yu, so he wouldn’t have the opportunity to sneak around & commit murder.
  • Yu: Same reason as Hayato.
  • Kou: Tbh there was a brief point where I even suspected Kou lol, Maybe he needs to money to make his and his brother’s dream a reality? but tbh I don’t think it’s him? Oh gosh, I would cry if it’s him because he’s the one I think is the least likely to be the murderer.

We will find out if my prediction was correct soon!!!

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