R18 Doujin CDs: Dec 2019

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This list includes my personal picks for this month, and I’ll continue updating it throughout the month!


The ‘Evil Lady’ Undergoes and ‘Interrogation’ by The MenDere Prince (CV. Hirame Ichijou)

Circle: Forbidden Fruit・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: [MenDere] The prince is one of those a ‘few bolts loose’ types. He’s hard to please and even more difficult to keep from jumping to wild conclusions. One of those conclusions being, that you are a spy… and under that suspicion… you must undergo his “interrogation” techniques!?

The Canary Sings Before Dawn (CV. Jun Fukuda)

Circle: redsheep pavilion・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Suspected for being a revolutionary, you receive lecherous torture from a man who looks like your childhood friend who disappeared…

A Bride’s Secret Night of Love (CV. Kakeru Shiroki)

Circle: foxies・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: “I’m not doing this because I love you… This is part of your education.” On the night a daughter of a wealthy family is told she will get married, her butler visits her with a secret mission.

Assembly of Scoundrels at the Thick Semen Cumshot Festival ~Re*ji Auto (CV. Ouma Hakurou, ????, Kouhei Orihara, Taichi Tanukida, Ran Kumada, Tarou Aki, Nagashima)

Circle: Saobuchi Fishing Tackle Shop・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: As she gets plowed by a mob of men, she enters a world of pleasure. Enjoy the actions of these bad guys.

Cross-dressing Harlot (CV. Kanade Mie)

Circle: WhiteLycoris・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: …Spending lewd days together with a beautiful boy. You live by the sea with a beautiful boy. One day, a big change occurs in him. “If you want, I’ll do all kinds of nasty things to you….It’s my turn to give back all that you gave to me”

Sour-faced Pediatrician’s Lovey Ecchi Teasing (CV. Kojiroh)

Circle: Felice・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Your boyfriend is a pediatrician that is constantly making his patients cry with his sour face. You decide to try to cheer him up with some “smile training”, but all the touching from trying to loosen his facial muscles changes the atmosphere…


Onii-chan Smells Like Datura (CV. Jack Liar)

Circle: nyaashaka・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Your big brother has always been kind to you. That’s why you were surprised when you heard rumors he had gotten a girlfriend. And when the two of you started living alone together, you had a strange dream… Your body was weak, but your brother was there to embrace you. Over and over again, he held you in his arms, whispering one thing – “I love you…”

Sweet Day Living with Your Boyfriend (CV. Wataru Mitsuhashi)

Circle: Lime unjour・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You’ve been going out with your university senior for 3 years now, and you’ve finally moved in together. During your first day living together, he gives you lots of love from morning to night.

Give it a Shot! (CV. Itaru Shiba)

Circle: Violet Bone・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Your partner is at his wits end with his terrible job, and it’s making it difficult for him to get it up! It’s time to try out some prostate stimulating sex toy play…

Cum Try! (CV. Junta Kayama)

Circle: Violet Bone・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Your partner gets his hands on a drug that ramps up your sensitivity to 3000 times normal. After much badgering, you decide to try it out, and climax in various fashions…

Sensual Night ~Winter Parting~ (CV. SukimaCherry)

Circle: Honeycomb*・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Your husband is too busy with a new work project to return home. In his stead, your brother in law Shirosumi comes to care and worry about you. Even though you know it’s wrong, you start to fall for him…

I Will Take and Confine You (CV. OneNightLove)

Circle: Burdungy・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: A story about you, and a man who cucks the boss’ girlfriend. An audio work featuring an NTR confinement situation.

Pushed down by the delivery boy… ONCE AGAIN (CV. Jin Momijizaka)

Circle: ISOMER-NL・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Akira the delivery boy arrives at your house with a package. You’d been his girlfriend during your high school years, but shunned him. Your home bears evidence of the man you are now married to. Akira reveals that he could never forget you, and suddenly embraces you…

Syrupy Healing (CV. Yuusei Noki)

Circle: redsheep pavilion・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Want to be praised by someone. Want to be spoiled by someone. A story that envelops you kindly in a space of ultimate relaxation.

Whispered Messages of Love (CV. Kaname Tohno)

Circle: Hatohogishin・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You are dating a popular and flourishing musician. Despite being busy with music composition and live concert preparations, he returns home wanting to make love to you. What musical whispered words of emotional love will embrace you this time…?

Day by Day ~The Miracle of Love~ (CV. Citrus)

Circle: HituzinoHitugi・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: A pure love story about a cheeky kouhai and his senior.

Pretend Soapland Play with Your Boyfriend (CV. Kouhei Orihara)

Circle: Cat’s Cradle・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: When you find out your boyfriend was late coming home because he was almost pulled into a soapland, you decide to give him some soapland play at home!

Stolen Pleasure Time (CV. Tomoaki Amano)

Circle: Moonlit Cat・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: An audio story about a childhood friend stealing away a girl from her violent boyfriend.

Rape Gallery 2 ~Disgracing Molester Train~ (CV. OneNightLove)

Circle: cyan・Type: BL/R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Months after becoming his father in law’s sex slave, Kyou is beset by molesters on the train. Unable to get off at his destination, he suffers escalating humiliation and rape.

A Loving Hand to a Chuunibyou Guy (CV. Kouhei Orihara)

Circle: Dreamin’&Dreamy・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: A guy in the same online guild as you marries you in-game for an item, but soon asks to marry you in real-life. You are happy to hear it from him, but ask that he tell you in person. Upon meeting him, you find out he is a mysterious chuunibyou…


Hypnotized Sex Life ~Sudden Infatuation~ (CV. KNOCK Nagamachi)

Circle: StrawberryChouchou・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: It all started when you used a hypnosis application on your boyfriend since you felt the two of you were distant lately. What unfolded was a high-spectacle romance encapsulating the past, future, and even blood relations!?

Nuku Nuku Darling 5 (CV. Takumi Majima)

Circle: Frizzclip・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: In a bit of a daze after a long day at work, you head over to his company to wait for him. When he’s finished, he hurries out to see you. You can’t hide anything from him, and he can tell something is wrong without you even saying anything. A love story between you and a man you can rely on…

Straightforward Onii-san’s Primetime (CV. Kouzukenosuke Kiryuu)

Circle: IAMOK2・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You work in the city, and you seem to have a problem. Someone is leaving threatening notes in your mail, and you often feel like you’re being followed. Having had enough, you posted about it online. That night, a young man you didn’t know showed up at your door. “Nice to meet you. You’re being troubled by a stalker, right? I’ll protect you. I know it was only up for a few minutes before you deleted it, but I have this screenshot. I’ll keep you safe. I’ll patrol around your building and drive off or catch any unwanted weirdos. Sorry, I know this is odd. I’ve been watching you every day, though.” This suspicious guy’s innocent nature is about to explode! Look forward to it~

The Princess Likes Different Kinds of Play ~Pick the Dick~

The Princess Likes Different Kinds of Play ~Pick the Dick~ (CV. Yuusei Noki, ysd)

Circle: Cat’s Cradle・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Two men confess to you at the same time, and it’s decided you’ll go with whoever fits your body better. But the two just end up using their technique to play around with your body?

What's He Looking at...?

What’s He Looking at…? (CV. Hirame Ichijou)

Circle: monoBlue・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You had bit of a bad day at work, and get a little drunk at the company party later. Your kouhai is very concerned, and takes you to his place while you sober up… But he seems to have other goals in mind… “So this is what’s it’s like to have a girl over… Now that I know your single, there’s no way I can stop myself.”

Metamorphose: Yuuta's Case

Metamorphose: Yuuta’s Case (CV. Fantasy)

Circle: ametriine・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You and your boyfriend Yuuta are enjoying a lovey dovey university life. One stormy morning, he calls you over to his house quickly. The person who greets you there is not him, but an adult man calling himself Yuuta. A one-day fantasy story mixing the memories of the present and future.

The Heroic Princess in the Demon Lord's Ero-Trap Tower

The Heroic Princess in the Demon Lord’s Ero-Trap Tower

Circle: Icicle Pink・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: The Demon Lord was feeling pretty bored. These days, killing heroes was just a way to kill time. Until one day, a new hero (you) appeared before him. “What do you want?” he asked “I’ve come to save you.” the hero answered.


It's a Shame About that Mage to the East

It’s a Shame About that Mage to the East (CV. Yuuya Haremori)

Circle: geometric rose・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: As the daughter of a baker, you’ll go anywhere to sell bread. And you’ll sell it to anyone, from ordinary people to sorcerers. All the while wishing for peace… But on the opposite side of the spectrum, there was a mage in the East who felt a little differently. His was a somewhat harsher view, that one should live in the present… and he was waiting for you. To make you his bride.

After School Secrets ~Sex With Senpai in the P.E. Storage Room~

After School Secrets ~Sex With Senpai in the P.E. Storage Room~ (CV. Dareya Koitsu)

Circle: Under Rain・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You’re the manager of a high school basketball team. All the girls at school are in love with the team captain, including you… but there’s no way he’d ever feel the same way… You eventually get a boyfriend from the soccer team, but things get a bit strained. One day, when helping the basketball captain with drills, you open up to him about your problems. And then, he takes you in his arms…

Male Friend 3-way Competitive Gangbang

Male Friend 3-way Competitive Gangbang (CV. Yarou Hayasugi, Kosurist III, Pegasus Umanami)

Circle: TEABAG・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You have two male friends. Shinjiro Goumoto, a popular American football player, university science student, and your senior, and Eita Aoyagi, your childhood friend and junior who has always been in one-sided love with you. After a drinking party, a drunk Shinjiro drags Eita into gangbanging you. Shinjiro’s desire to monopolize you grows stronger, and Eita’s one-sided love gets complicated.

Allies of Justice, Two Faced Heroes Vol.1: Red Hero Guren Hasuba

Allies of Justice, Two Faced Heroes Vol.1: Red Hero Guren Hasuba (CV. aki )

Circle: Nemophila’s Coffin・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You are an executive in an evil organization. Wearing a flashy outfit and laughing haughtily, you truly give the impression an evil executive should. But you’ve got another side. A shy, timid side, so weak you faint at the sight of blood.

After a defeat by Earth’s heroes, you awaken to a splash of water. Your arms and legs bound, you’re unable to move. And standing in front of you with a sadistic grin on his face is Guren Hasuba, the Red Hero –

“You wanna be my punching bag or my cumdump?” he asks.

It turns out that one of Earth’s greatest protectors is also a psychopath…

Brother and Sister's Love

Brother and Sister’s Love (CV. Evangelist)

Circle: Evangelist ASM・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Ever since our parents got married, we’ve been brother and sister. He’s kind and we get along, but sometimes he can be strict. I respected him all the same, though. One time I stayed out a little late at my boyfriend’s house, and came home to find my brother looking quite annoyed with me. I thought he took me to his room to give me a lecture, but something seemed off. Then I told him I had a boyfriend…

[Violation Level 8/10] Assaulted by a Lock-picking Rapist

[Violation Level 8/10] Assaulted by a Lock-picking Rapist (CV. Shiki)

Circle: Forceful Violation FemSub Musical Suite (Black penis)・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: It’s dangerous to live alone as a woman. You’re a woman living by yourself. A rapist picks the lock to your apartment and assaults you.

Dangerous Man: Our Lives Together ~Souta Tsukishiro~

Dangerous Man: Our Lives Together ~Souta Tsukishiro~ (CV. ShiroiTofu)

Circle: Dreamin’&Dreamy・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Your landlord wants you to clean the trash on the veranda, but there isn’t any. Your boss expects you to have left for a business trip you didn’t even know about. You go, and when you come back, there’s a mysterious man in front of your door… “You’re back! I’ve been waiting this whole time. Waiting for you…”

It's a Shame About that Mage to the East

It’s a Shame About that Mage to the East (CV. Yuuya Haremori)

Circle: geometric rose・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: As the daughter of a baker, you’ll go anywhere to sell bread. And you’ll sell it to anyone, from ordinary people to sorcerers. All the while wishing for peace… But on the opposite side of the spectrum, there was a mage in the East who felt a little differently. His was a somewhat harsher view, that one should live in the present… and he was waiting for you. To make you his bride.

Male Ejaculation! Penis Splash Penetration! (CV: Ken Morobata)

Male Ejaculation! Penis Splash Penetration! (CV. Ken Morobata)

Circle: KZentertainment・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You’ve just gotten a new boyfriend named Tsubasa. He’s kind, gentle, and very considerate, but there’s one thing that bothers you – he doesn’t seem interested in getting physical. “Maybe he’s gay?” you wondered. One night after drinking, you pretended to be tipsy and took him to a love hotel. And sure enough, you had sex. But his heart wasn’t in it… he came, sure, but that’s about it. “Don’t you love me? Don’t you want to be with me?” you cried as he tried to reassure you. A few days later, you went to see a psychic. She handed you an old, dirty magazine… “Secret Techniques to Make a Man Cum”, it said.

Real - You Are His Doll -

Real – You Are His Doll -] (CV. Zero Shiki)

Circle: Destruction・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: What is he to you? Your lover? Your husband? Or is he a stranger? Regardless, he embraces you… “This is what you wanted…” His voice pulls you into a realm of pleasure, a realm between dreams and reality, where you are his plaything. Just like you wanted…


Shinobred (CV. Shiina)

Circle: Honeycomb*・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Strolling down the road, you arrive at a curiosity shop and it’s owner. Treating him like some old man, he in turn treats you like a little girl, which rather annoys you. You’d rather not return, but it seems you need him for your backstage work…

My Brother-In-Law Does Dirty Things When He's Drunk!?

My Brother-In-Law Does Dirty Things When He’s Drunk!? (CV. Nagashima)

Circle: Fine Ribbon・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: Your younger brother-in-law is back from school, and he wants a drink. You thought it’d be fine, so you both started drinking together. But when he’s a little tipsy, he kisses you. And things escalate from there…

A Slightly (!?) Sexy Relationship ~A Bored Couple Tries Their Best~

A Slightly (!?) Sexy Relationship ~A Bored Couple Tries Their Best~ (CV. Ryou Momoido?)

Circle: redsheep pavilion・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You’ve been married for five years, and things are cooling off a bit. He gets home late every night, and he’s not exactly mindful of your physical needs… Deep in this rut, a surprise – your husband bought something to try and spice things up…

Unrivaled Boyfriend Keeps Fucking After I Climax Until I Can't Think Straight (CV: Mitsuru Nagasao)

Unrivaled Boyfriend Keeps Fucking After I Climax Until I Can’t Think Straight (CV. Mitsuru Nagasao)

Circle: KZentertainment・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: My boyfriend is a peerless rugby player for the Japanese team. With his strong body, he fucks me non-stop until I can’t even think straight.

I Drugged and Raped the Thief That Kidnapped Me!

I Drugged and Raped the Thief That Kidnapped Me! (CV. Ryo Momoido)

Circle: Fine Ribbon・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: You’ve been kidnapped by a thief. “Well then… heheheh… what shall I do with you?” he sneered before stealing a kiss. What he didn’t know, however, was that you’d hidden a special drug in your mouth… and now he’s paralyzed and completely at your mercy. And now that the tables have turned, you can do whatever you want with him… 4 tracks

Cousin Kou

Cousin Kou (CV. Yuuya Haremori)

Circle: ARS・Type: R18 Doujin CD

Synopsis: The special day of a slightly strange but otherwise regular husband and wife. Two years after marrying your cousin Kou, he’s still doing his best, and is still cute as ever.

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