[R18 Drama CD] Jacks or Better ~No more Bet~ Dealer Gilles Lagrene

The sequel to Jacks or Better ~Rouge et Noir Side Bet~, the first spin-off work of the situation drama cd Rouge et Noir has arrived! This is the after story of Arlen’s subordinate Gilles Lagrene.

» Title: Jacks or Better ~No more Bet~ ディーラー ジル・ラグレーン
» CV: Atsushi Domon
» Release Date: 2020.09.30
» Label: Hanakagami
» Type: R18 Drama CD

You are an undercover FBI agent that has infiltrated the crime syndicate known as “House”. However, just a few months after your infiltration, House was on the verge of collapse.

While House is in the middle of negotiations to determine the fate of the organization, you are suddenly ordered to move to the Los Angeles branch and assigned a new mission. Even though you have mixed feelings about the FBI’s methods, you board the luxury cruise ship “Seventh Heaven” with the quasi-executive of House, Gilles Lagrene, in order to complete your mission.

– 01. Place Your Bet
– 02. House Edge
– 03. Hand Signal
– 04. Blind
– 05. Action
– 06. Angel Eye
– 07. Split
– 08. Last Call



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