Hana-Doll* Anthos* ~The Way I Am~ RYOGA

The teaser for The Days, Ryoga’s solo song in Anthos’ solo series, The Way I Am, has been released!

The Hana-Doll Project is sponsored by Amagiri Production, an entertainment agency in the fictional world.

After completing the 1st season of their album which had a total of 5 volumes, Hana-Doll’s idol group, Anthos, will be releasing their solo series, The Way I Am, where each member will be releasing their own solo songs.

Anthos is a male idol group aiming to become the perfect idol by embedding “flower” seeds in their bodies using special technology. The group consists of 7 members: Lihito (CV. Kento Ito), Kaoru (CV. Shunichi Toki), Ryoga (CV. Daiki Hamano), Chise (CV. Wataru Komada), Haruta (CV. Toshiki Masuda), Mahiro (CV. Seiichirou Yamashita) and their new member Setsuna (CV. Shun Horie).

The Days, written by Ryoga himself, will show a new side to him. It is set to be released on November 13, 2020.

Anthos The Way I Am Ryoga
  1. The Days
  2. The Days -Off Vocal-


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