I can’t with SWD… T_T

I think “Sebastian’s Route” which is like, not really a “Sebastian Route” was the last straw for me. I don’t care if the story turns out “good” in the end, I can’t believe there was a fucking CG of Sherlock x MC…If this was a side story or event I wouldn’t have minded but really…a CG of another man in Sebastian’s route? Sebastian doesn’t feel like Sebastian. Also, Where’s James, where’s Jack? I thought I would see more of them and get to know a little bit more about Sebastian’s thoughts about James and how he would open his heart to MC. Not looking fwd to the ending based on the comments I’ve read. Baby not like this! What horrible thing have they done to you?! T_T 

I would have probably been okayish even if the story wasn’t that good, or had short parts, even if the writing style and MC reminded me of Love Tangle because I understand that staff may have changed. I wanted to love it, I wanted to be grateful…but I cannot. What was supposed to be a 2nd chance for both SWD, to make profit out of an amazing game, and to us players, who love GMS, was but a wasted opportunity.

I’m extremely disappointed with Shall We Date, not just because of this, but overall recently. I used to love their games, but nowadays? I think they’ve lost their touch(?) I think they need to chill and think of what they want to do next. I know they need to make money, but these back to back releases & events, short early birds etc. are not the way to go. I feel like they are all over the place and money hungry. I don’t remember it being this way before(?)

I remember being able to complete 2 routes (The newly released route + another character) before another route release and I actually spent money on my own, because the story was so good that I wanted to buy the premium items or I wanted to rank in events. It used to be so fun, now it’s all stress…like tf?! These kinds of things actually make me want to spend less money on them and more on other companies who have a nice pacing with their events and route releases. I don’t mind waiting as long as the content is good. The sooner you run out of content/routes, the sooner the game might die. So what’s the rush? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I haven’t completely given up on SWD though and I will continue playing the games I’m already playing, I just hope that they get through whatever they’re going through. or maybe it’s just me that feels this way, idk.

Anyways can we just think of “Sebastian’s Route” as a side story and actually get a route for Sebastian?! Thank you.

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