Yoi no Hate


Title: 宵の果て

Release Date: 2018.03.23

CV: Kaiou Raku・Hishi Masaru

Label: Operetta3

Type: R18 Drama CD


Tonight, trust and respect will dissolve in sake —
continue to be violated until the end of intoxication.

The heroine is a bit shy, but she’s a normal college student. She was happy to have her first boyfriend, but things became awkward with her step-brother after he caught her sneaking her boyfriend into the house.

A few days later at night, your brother comes home with his best friend “Masamichi”.

Your parents are away on a trip and your brother and “Masamichi” excitedly say “Let’s drink the night away tonight!“ The heroine sees this as a good opportunity to clear the air with her brother, they begin drinking sake together.

—Little did she know, that glass would lead to a nightmare.

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Liesel’s Sinful Corner:

Oh my gosh!!! These mofos planned this out didn’t they?! Itsuki aka the step-brother was probably all butt-hurt about the whole boyfriend thing because he loves the heroine. (Romantically) I wonder if Masamichi suggested this to Itsuki. Should I be expecting a 3P then(?) I can’t wait for it to arrive! (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

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