[R18 Drama CD] Koi no Michi Kiwami Vol. 2: Akio Makuni


Title: 恋ノ道・極 二ノ道 真国明桜

Release Date: 2018.06.27

CV: Kumaniku Fuyuno

Label: Hanakagami

Type: R18 Drama CD


“That’s right, I fell in love with you……Young Miss.”

The story begins with a certain yakuza family……

Ever since you were young, you always wanted to have an “ordinary life”, therefore, you tried to hide the fact that your family had any ties with the yakuza while you were a student. In school, there was a student that stood out: Akio Makuni, your kouhai and a deliquent, whom you had feelings for, but chose not to get close to as he was far from “ordinary”, and so you graduated from high school with your unrequited love. However, soon after, you met with Aki at a reunion, and it turned out that Aki doesn’t dislike you either.

After not seeing each other for a brief period of time and 7 years since the reunion―― As usual, Aki doesn’t hide his affection towards you, but there’s still no progress in your relationship beyond just talk. The relationship between the two of you is still that of “Young Miss” and “Yakuza Member”. Becoming impatient, you ask him on a date, and the two of you finally become a couple.

Not being able to choose between your feelings for Aki and the “Ordinary Life” you’ve always wanted, the ending that awaits the two lovers is…..?

*真国明桜 (Akio Makuni)・アキ (Aki)


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Liesel’s Sinful Corner:

Teo (DamePri) is that you?! That jacket illust, HOT FUCKIN DAYUM!!!

Do I see a nipple? 👀 Aki is what I call a man, so my type! I may like some crazy ass characters most of the time, but men like Aki, as frustrating as they may be because no progress, I mean 7 years…come on! lol, make my heart swoon for reasons. Being a kouhai is a + ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I also like his style lol He can fuck me all he wants tbh, I just want him to take me! Please, please let there be creampies or I might cry.

I’ve literally been dying to share this one ever since Hanakagami published the illust, but I was waiting for them to make the synopsis public to share it. Which only means: Yes,

I’ve been holding in all the fangirling and probably died many times.

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