May 2018 Doujin CDs ♡

DLsite had a sale and I might have gone on a little shopping spree last night!!!

I don’t know what was going on in my head because I sure ventured into some umm weird? genres haha Like one of them has “Vore” which is a genre I had no idea existed until recently, and that it’s not my type yet, but I was curious about haha

(Devil’s Gastronomy 2)

Oh, did I mention the one where you wake up and are apparently the guy’s mother? 😂 (Defective Children -Subject: 168-) Those two make the ones with tentacles seem almost normal.

(Sweet Love・ Devil’s Gastronomy

Now let’s move on the most normal purchases out of the seven: In two of them they have sex with you when you’re asleep and one of them is a Yandere (Sleeping Queen and Little PrinceXXXPrince -Briar Rose-) Then there’s this one where you are disciplined in the basement of the school with whips/sex toys lol (School of Hedonism Vol. 1) Of course, there’s no such thing as normal when we’re talking about me, you all know I’m trash for these kinds of things! lol

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