Otona no Meruhen Series: Hoshi ni Negau Shounen ~Usotsuki de Naimaki na Kare~

Title: 大人のメルヘンシリーズ 星に願う少年~嘘つきで生意気な彼~

Release Date: 2019.03.20

CV: Yuu Ninomiya

Label: Rabbit Candy

Type: R18 Drama CD


It was on a certain night when you met a lost boy under the extremely beautiful starry sky.

Worried about how it would be dangerous to leave him alone…you took him home under the condition that he could only stay for 1 night.

You gave him soup to warm up his completely cold body and also a hug to calm him down. However……The next morning, he was nowhere to be found. This is your love story with a cheeky liar.

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