Blackstar Theater Starless – Hanami 2023 Event “Waking Dream and Flower Feast”

Blackstar Theater Starless Hanami 2023 Event has begun!

Event Period: Apr 14 – Apr 21 (12:59 AM CST)


Teams K & C are hard at work preparing for the Flower Viewing -Revival- performance. Meanwhile, Ginsei & Hari organize a flower viewing party for all the cast members at the request of Unei, and they devise a plan to make sure everyone attends.

✦Event Song

Title: Hira Hirari
Original Title: ひらひらり
Artist: Yoshino (Singer: Tomoki Saito / Academic BANANA)
Lyrics: Sakurako Fukuyama

Title: Hana Hodoku
Original Title: 花ほどく
Artist: Zakuro (Singer: Shakemii)
Music: xaki

✦Pick-Up Gacha

Hira Hirari, Hana Hodoku, and new ★4-cards featuring Kei and Kasumi in their Hanami outfits are now available for pick-up! These cards have a special effect during the event. Don’t miss the card exclusive stories!

✦Rerun Gacha

Hanami 2022 ★4 & ★3-cards are available for pick-up! Don’t miss the chance to get your hands on these cards!

✦Reward Card

The event reward card is a ★4-card featuring Hari!

✦Game Info

Original Title: ブラックスター -Theater Starless-
Genre: Bad Boy Rhythm Game
Platform: iOS/Android
Language: Japanese (Partial Voice)
Links: Official WebsiteOfficial Twitter


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