🔒 Kira Brothers♡ (3)

Minami: Me~chan! Hurry up and send the picture~~~!

Mei: The picture?

Minami: The one from the Foam Party!

Mei: I’m busy right now.

Minami: eh!?! Just send the picture!

Minami: Hurry up

Minami: Hurry up

Minami: Hurry up

Minami: Hurry up 

Shizuka: The notifications are getting annoying because of Minami

Mei: *sends picture*

Mei: Shut up, I sent it.

Minami: Me~~~~cha~~~~n!

Minami: Th

Minami: ank

Minami: yo

Mei: Shut up.

**Please DO NOT REPOST my translations anywhere without permission**

Please note: Translation may not be 100% accurate.

Liesl’s Corner: 

The “you” from Minami’s “Thank you” is not misspelled. Mei didn’t let Minami finish btw lol I can look at that picture for hours tbh! Everyone looks so cute. I really like Shizu’s hairstyle haha


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