Shuuchaku eye 5

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The 5th volume of BULLET’s Shuuchaku eye series has been released. It’s available for purchase in digital format on DLsite!

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“We are kind of alike.”

Soma Akiyama, who was taking care of you on the way home after you got drunk at a college club drinking party, was also on his way home from a drinking party at work. You both like drinking and dislike drinking parties, but have no choice but to go to them…and so the two of you hit it off right away. After you shared your worries with Soma about not being confident in yourself and being desperate to keep up with your surroundings, he offered to help you as the owner of a hair salon. You went to his salon right away and gradually built up confidence in yourself after receiving tips on hairstyling, makeup, and fashion.


You had a complete makeover from the reserved person you were when you had just arrived in Tokyo and you were now living your life to the fullest and making friends. You even started going to the drinking parties that you used to hate so much. You felt like magic had been cast on you just like Cinderella.

“A person can change with a single opportunity.”

At that time, you couldn’t help but think that……


  • Soma Akiyama (CV: Atsushi Domon)


  1. 萍水相逢
  2. 魔法
  3. ツウカン
  4. 忘却のサンドリヨン
  5. 耽溺
  6. 蠧毒

Voice Sample

 🎧 Earphones recommended

CD Information

  • Title: Shuuchaku eye 5
  • Original Title: 執着eye5
  • Cast: Atsushi Domon
  • Release Date: August 13, 2021
  • Label: BULLET
  • Type: R18 Drama CD
  • Where to Buy: DLsite (Digital)

Source: BULLET Official Website


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